A selection of videos about the campaigns in Lambeth and associated issues between 1978-1992.

Real Democracy Movement

Interview with Linda Bellos, Neil Kenlock and Christian Wolmar (2013)

Interview from Channel 4 news by Alexi Sayle

What’s left: the ghosts of Brixton’s radical past

Poll tax march turns into a riot – 1990

Interview with Steve Nally from Anti Poll Tax Federation and footage of Brixton protest

Will Lambeth council vote to collect the Poll Tax? (1988)

Interview with Ted Knight and Dick Sorabji (1:03-1:20) on whether the council should defy the Poll tax

Surcharging of Lambeth councillors

ITN report on the surcharge and possible bankruptcy of some councillors. Includes footage from Clay Cross protests in 1972.

Town Hall occupied in support of the councillors who defied rate capping (1985)

Lambeth rate rebels – the London programme 1986

Council’s for the defense – 1986
Documentary by Yvette Vanson on the campaign in Lambeth

Ted Knight speaking at a press conference (1985)

Ken Livingstone on plans to abolish the Greater London Council (1984)

We were the Lambeth boys documentary (1985)

Update on the seminal 1959 documentary We Are The Lambeth Boys. This BBC documentary follows up on Brian Mott who featured in the original film and looks at the lives of people across the borough, especially young people, dealing with the changes caused by Thatcherism as well as debates on racism and working class life.

Lambeth – the council that cares (1982)

BFI has a video of a council video released in 1982 which attacks what Thatcher is doing to local government.

The Battle for Brixton – part 1

Black to front (1978)
World in Action documentary about the Lambeth Central by-election, looking at the views of the local residents as disparate political groups like the Workers Revolutionary Party and National Front battle for votes


Rock Against Racism gig, Brockwell Park (1978)
Stiff Little Fingers play “Suspect Device” to a huge crown at Rock Against Racism rally in 1978

“No Colour Bar” Dance (1955)

A bit before the dates of this research project, but this video from Pathe in 1955 shows the extent to which attempts were made to integrate newly arrived immigrants in the borough

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