What is Radical Lambeth?


Radical Lambeth is a project to record the experiences of people in the borough from 1978-1992.

Radical Lambeth was rejecting Rate-capping and setting illegal local budgets to meet people’s needs.

Radical Lambeth are the people who fought against Thatcher and Kinnock who wanted to remove the left from the local Labour Party.

Radical Lambeth was the site of two riots in Brixton, where local people fought back against police violence and discrimination.

Radical Lambeth is the place where LGBTQ struggles saw squats occupied, social centres organised and alternative newspapers circulated.

The purpose of Radical Lambeth is to chronicle the experiences and history of local people through interviews and collecting archive research.

Radical Lambeth is Phd project that will specifically examine how the left led Labour Party in the borough tried to defy both Thatcher’s policies and the party leadership as the titanic social and political struggles that wracked Britain in the 1980s played themselves out in an inner London borough.#

If you were politically or socially active in Lambeth between 1978-1992 then I would love to hear from you. Please email radical.lambeth@gmail.com to get in touch.

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