Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners at Lambeth Town Hall (1985)

Ray Goodspeed recounts the fundriasing meeting held at Lambeth Town Hall in support of the Miners’ strike
“Look at me in my dapper 1980s style chairing a very successful LGSM public meeting in Lambeth Town Hall in January 1985, with Stuart Holland, the left Labour MP for Vauxhall, and Ali Thomas, a miner from Dulais. I said when introducing the meeting – and I absolutely meant it – that I had never been so proud to be gay or so proud to be working class as I was at that time. Solidarity!”
From Capital Gay 25th January 1985

Larkhall Playgound protestors occupy Amenities Committee of Lambeth Council 1987

Larkhall Playground protest Lambeth Council Amenities Committee 1987

Linda Bellos, then leader of the Council, is at the front turning and debating with a protester. The protest was in response to cuts proposals for the 1988 budget

121 Railton Road – anarchist centre

For nearly 20 years, 121 Railton Road was occupied by a collective of anarchists. The 121 Railton Road squat became a round the clock organising centre, complete with book shop, cafe and disco. Continue reading “121 Railton Road – anarchist centre”

Nuclear Dawn

The Nuclear Dawn mural. Painted on the side of Carlton Mansions by Brian Barnes, Dale McCrea and people who lived in the building. Barnes painted a vision of nuclear death astride London, a mushroom cloud in the background, whilst politicians such as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan are safe in a bunker. A dove becomes the CND peace symbol. Finished in 1981 the mural was part funded by Lambeth Council as part of its ongoing effort to highlight the danger of Mutually Assured Destruction in the event of a nuclear war.

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