Red Clerk [CPSA trade unionist magazine]

These are some copies of Red Clerk, a rank and file magazine for Civil and Public Services Association (CPSA) activists that was based out of the Brixton/Oval job centres.

As the editor, Micki Loebner explained in her report to the CPSA branch AGM;

“As an SWP member I believe that the Union shouldn’t involve itself solely in economic issues, such as members’ pay and working conditions, important though they are, but should also function politically: by supporting workers in struggle whether in our own country or South Africa, by fighting racism, etc… that is by taking up political issues and arguments outside the confines of our own workplaces.”

The first issue is sadly missing – if anyone has it, please send an email to

  Red Clerk 2

  Red Clerk 3

  Red Clerk 4

Red clerk report to AGM 1987

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